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Welcome to TSA website Header

  Welcome to the Table Shuffleboard Association (TSA) Website!!

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Table Shuffleboard Association Inc. (Non-Profit Filing Status Records)

TSA COMMITTEE'S "Shuffleboard Rules-Guidelines" :
TSA Rules/Guidelines Committee (as of August 2012):  

 TSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (20 BOD as of 02/April/2017): (back to top of page)

1) President: Gary Nelson
Forney, TX (DFW area) 
Phone#: TBD (awaiting preferences on ph# and email@)
Email: genelson@outlook.com

2) Vice President: James O'Brien
Vancouver, WA
Phone#: 971-204-8585
Email: obrien.j.michael@gmail.com

3) Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer: Megan Bolla
Norfolk, NE
Phone#: 858-722-9737 (cell)
Email: meganbolla@gmail.com or megan@tableshuffleboard.org

4) Secretary: Casey Ables
Houston, TX
Phone#: 832-215-8544
Email: caseyables@gmail.com

5) Director: Larry Creakbaum
Avon, IN
Phone#: 317-745-6961 (H)
Phone#: 317-902-3371 (cell)
Email: larry@creakbaum.com

6) Director: Lynda French
Wynnewood, OK
Ph# 512-619-6030 or Fax 512-597=0609
Email: lynda@tableshuffleboard.org 

7) Director: Mark Gray
Kansas City, MO 
Phone#: 816-765-0248 or 913-397-6009 (cell)
Email: meg488@msn.com

8) Director: Ross Gronau
Phone#: 402-841-7571
Email: iknowross@gmail.com

9) Director: Bob Hunt
Sacramento, CA
Phone#: 916-429-8573 (H) or 916-502-3758 (cell)
Email: hunt1939@sbcglobal.net

10) Director: Frank Mako
Chehalis, WA
360-880-2999 (H)  Email: None on file

11) Director: Jim Martin
Winchester, CA
Email:  marlin44@gmail.com

12) Director: Fred J. Miller
Belvidere, NJ
Phone#: 908-453-2312 or 908-310-0767
Email: fjm_49@yahoo.com

13) Director: Brian Pachik
Pottstown, PA
Email: brianpachik@yahoo.com

14) Director: Jim Payne
Stockton, MO
Phone#: 402-676-4827  Email: jgp0317@yahoo.com

15) Director: Hal Perry
Sacramento, CA
Phone#: 916-923-2726 fax: 916-923-3361
Email: hperry@larrymethvin.com

16) Director: Al Salazar
Peoria, AZ
Phone#: 623-583-7035
Email: alsalazar@cox.net

17) Director: Debbie Sexton
San Antonio, TX
Phone#: 210-287-3792
Email: davedebsexton@att.net

18) Director: Donald P. Valk
Austin, TX
Phone#: 512-288-9555 or cellular: 512-917-0126
Email: donvalk@austin.rr.com

19) Director: Steve Walker
Cushing, OK
Phone#: 918-225-2913 or 918-255-5413 or 918-223-5437
Email: None on file

20) Director: Louise C. Williams
Lansdale, PA
Email: l_freer@yahoo.com

TSA Hall of Fame Inductees (back to top of page)


  TSA Meeting Minutes  (back to top of page)

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (January 2009 Minutes & April 2009 Update to Mnutes):

(Click to View January 2009 Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

(Click to View April 2009 Minutes/Election Updates - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (April 3, 2008):

(Click to View Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (August 29, 2007):

(Click to View Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Meeting Minutes (September 3, 2006/Amended 11-1-06):

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA Minutes_09-03-06_Amended_11-01-06.pdf

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (March 26, 2004):


  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (February 28, 2003):

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA_Minutes_February28_2003.pdf or http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA_Minutes_February28_2003.doc

  • TSA Meeting Minutes (July 4, 2003):


  • NSHF Meeting Minutes (July 1, 2000): (where it was voted to rename the organization to Table Shuffleboard Association & to update/amend the by-laws, including removal of the minimum age of 60 for HOF nominations/induction consideration).

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/NSHF Year 2000 Annual Meeting.pdf


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