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Welcome to TSA website Header

  Welcome to the Table Shuffleboard Association (TSA) Website!!

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Table Shuffleboard Association Inc. (Non-Profit Filing Status Records)

TSA COMMITTEE'S "Shuffleboard Rules Guidelines" :
TSA Rules/Guidelines Committee (2014-2019 updated version):  

age  TSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Updated: 02/11/2023 07:39:45 PM):

1) President/Acting CFO: Gary Nelson (TX)
125 Stone Field Court, Waxahachie, TX  75167 
Email: genelson@outlook.com

Additional Board of Directors (by District/State)

2) Director: Georjean Parrish (AZ)
Surprise, AZ
Phone#: 602-303-4379 Email: georjean.parrish@gmail.com

3) Director: Al Salazar (AZ)
Peoria, AZ
Phone#: 623-583-7035 Email: alsalazar@cox.net

4) Director: Jim Martin (CA)
Winchester, CA
Email:  marlin44@gmail.com

5) Director: Hal Perry (CA)
Sacramento, CA
Phone#: 916-923-2726 Email: private

6) Director: Dave Shewbridge (IN)
Hartford City, IN 
Phone#: 443-520-9487 Email: shewprints1078@aol.com

7) Director: Mark Gray (MO)
Kansas City, MO 
Phone#:  816-806-2940 (cell) Email: meg488@msn.com

8) Director: Jim Payne (MO)
Stockton, MO
Phone#: 402-676-4827  Email: jgp0317@yahoo.com

9) Director: Fred J. Miller (NJ)
Belvidere, NJ
Phone#: 908-453-2312 or 908-310-0767 Email: ftm49@ymail.com

10) Director: Lynda French (OK)
Wynnewood, OK
Ph# 512-619-6030 or Fax 512-597-0609 Email: lynda@tableshuffleboard.org

11) Director: Steve Walker (OK)
Cushing, OK
Phone#: 918-225-2913 or 918-255-5413 or 918-223-5437
Email: None on file

12) Director: Brian Pachik (PA)
Pottstown, PA
484-319-1025 Email: brianpachik@yahoo.com

13) Director: Louise C. Williams (PA)
Lansdale, PA
267-471-0380 Email: l_freer@yahoo.com

14) Director: Debbie Sexton (TX)
San Antonio, TX
Phone#: 210-287-3792 Email: davedebsexton@att.net

15) Director: Bill Walker (WA)
Port Ochard, WA
Phone#: 360-710-6515  Email: 12mrbill@gmail.com

  • TSA "Director Emeritus": Larry Creakbaum of Indiana

  • TSA "Director Emeritus": Frank Mako of Washington

TSA Hall of Fame Inductees (back to top of page)

Below are those that have been voted into and/or inducted into the TSA HOF in the PLAYER & PROMOTER Categories  (40 total):  

  1. Bob Miles (First Inductee into TSA, July 30,1994!), California  (

  2. Click Here for picture and history on Bob!) (Click to view: Bob Miles Interview with Glen Davidson)

  3. PeeWee Ramos, California (Click To View Interview with Pee Wee Ramos)

  4. Glen Davidson, Oklahoma! Inducted July 4th 1996 weekend at the Southwest Open in   Del City Oklahoma! (Click here for picture and history on Glen!)                        (See Video: Glen Davidson Interview)

  5.  Bill Melton, Oklahoma! Inducted during 4th of July 1997 Southwest Open 1997 in Del City Oklahoma! (Click here for picture and history on Bill!) View Videos Links Below:

  6. Jim Foran, Pacific Northwest! Inducted on July 31, 1997 during the Grand Masters Tournament, Whistling Oyster Tavern, Quilcene, WA!! (Click to view:  Interview with Jim Foran)                        

  7. Billy Chiles, California! (Click here for picture and history on Billy!) (Inducted July 4, 1998 to both the California and National Shuffleboard Halls of Fame!! Inducted at the Dixie Belle, Downey, CA!!)

  8. Earl Kelly, Texas! (Click to View Video:  Earl (The Steel Diving Man) Kelly)  Inducted December 26, 1998 to National Hall of Fame during the Houston Holiday Open! He was previously inducted to the Texas Hall of Fame at the Texas Open (Harbor Point tourney) in September 1998, along with Rod Cameron, George Wilber and Donna Wilber! (1st FOUR INDUCTEES TO TEXAS HALL OF FAME)

  9. Mickey Mickens, New Jersey! ca 1997/1998

  10. Denny Busch, Nebraska! (Inducted 7/24/98!! Accomplished more in his 40 years of life  than many people ever will!! (quote from Glen Davidson!)

  11. Galen Gaunce, Oregon! (Click Here for picture of Galen!) (LUCKY 13! - 13th Inducted!) FIRST Oregon shuffler inducted to TSA September 3-7,1998 (Tournament at Eagles Club, Medford, Oregon)!! Click to View: Interview with Galen Gaunce (1980)

  12. Joe Abraham, Illinois! (Inducted 9/98)

  13. Rod Cameron, Dayton, Texas! Inducted December 26, 1998 to National Hall of Fame during the Houston Holiday Open along with Ray Hartness! He was previously inducted (along with Earl Kelly, George Wilber, and Donna Wilber) to the Texas Hall of Fame at the Texas Open (Harbor Point tourney) September 1998! ( Click here for picture and history on Rod!)

  14. "Little" Ray Hartness! (deceased - inducted 12/26/98 during the HOUSTON HOLIDAY OPEN 26 Dec 1998!) (click for picture and history on Little Ray Hartness! -- Adobe PDF format)

  15. Porter White of California! (ref: The Board Talk - February 2000 issue, page 5) (Video Port White's State of Californiia HOF ceremony)

  16. Joanie Millar, Canada! - inducted June 20, 1999 during tourney at the ANAF#68, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (ref: The Board Talk - February 2000 issue, page 5)
    (Click to View Joanie Millar TSA HOF induction Video (June 20, 1999)

  17. Hal Perry of Sacramento, CA!(March 2000) (Download Excerpt from TSA Inc Newsletter JUNE 2007, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (3 pages of History on Hal Perry's accomplishments) ;           (Click to View Hal Perry Interview (November 2016) Video)

  18. Bill English of Loveland, CO! (June 2001) (Click to View History/Slide Show on Bill English)

  19. Jean Ayers-Mays! (December 26, 2001) (click for picture and history on Jean Ayers-Mays!)

  20. Chuck Norris of Oregon/Washington! was inducted into the TSA HOF during NASC Reno 2002 tournament on November 1, 2002 (Click To View Induction Program Booklet).

  21. Darrol Nelson of Oregon! (December 2002) (click to view Darrol Nelson's  TSA Induction Program Booklet-Acrobat Reader PDF format)
     View Darrol Nelson Memorial video by Jim Martin (Video Interview Darrol Nelson and Glen Davidson at his ranch in Oregon)

  22. David Williams Sr. of Texas! (Inducted December 2002)

  23. Diana Hagen of Texas! (December 2002) (Click to View 2012 Video Interview with Diana Hagen) and/or (Click to view Diana Hagen's TSA Induction Program Booklet-Acrobat Reader PDF format)

  24. Chris Danke! (deceased) of  Huntington Beach, California (inducted by TSA Director vote in 2003; posthumous, no induction ceremony held) (Click to View a Chris Danke video(Click To View a Chris Danke Memorial Slide Show)

  25. John McDermott of Michigan! (inducted into the TSA HOF during NASC Reno 2004 tournament on November 4, 2004) (Click to View John McDermott's HOF Booklet excerpts) (Click to view video:  John McDermott TSA HOF Induction)    

  26. Larry Creakbaum of Indiana! (induction ceremony on May 6, 2005 during Bourbon American Legion tournament, joint induction: Larry Creakbaum & Jim Long).(Click To View Induction Program Booklet).(Tribute to Larry Creakbaum video)

  27. Jim Long of Indiana! (induction ceremony on May 6, 2005 during Bourbon American Legion tournament, joint induction: Larry Creakbaum & Jim Long). (Click To View Induction Program Booklet). (Click to View Video - Interview with Jim Long)

  28. Doug Buhl (induction ceremony in Winston Oregon, September 2005 during 99/Tavern & Willee's Cafe Annual Labor Day tournament).
    ( Click to View Tournament Results & Doug Buhl's TSA Ceremony Photo Album )

  29. Don Valk of Austin, Texas !- Induction Ceremony, Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, Reno, Nevada, November 3, 2006 (See TSA HOF Induction Booklet)
    ( Click to View Don Valk's TSA Hall of Fame Booklet )

  30. Bobby Williams of D/FW, Texas! - Induction Ceremony, NSA-Clear Lake Hilton, Houston Holiday Open 2006, Houston, Texas - December 30, 2006
    ( Click to View Bobby Williams' TSA Hall of Fame Booiklet) and/or Click to view: "Remembering Bobby Williams" Video)

  31. Bobby Voorhis of Indiana! - TSA HOF Induction Ceremony, SW Open 2007, Del City, Oklahoma on July 5, 2007(Click to View Bobby Voorhis' TSA HOF Program Booklet & History Overview)  (Click to View Memory Lane Photo Album)  (Click to view video of:   Bobby Voorhis' TSA HOF Induction)

  32. Fred Thumann of California! - TSA HOF Induction Ceremony, NASC 2008, Reno Nevada on October 31, 2008 (Click to View TSA HOF Program Booklet & History Overview)

  33. Billy Mays of Texas! (View Billy Mays' TSA HOF Booklet) accepted his TSA National Tableshuffleboard HOF Induction during the Houston Holiday Open December 30, 2009)2009 (HHO 2009) tournament held in Houston/Clear  Lake, Texas (ceremony held: December 30, 2009, immediately following Johnny Wayne Crawford's TEXAS STATE HOF Induction Ceremony)  (Click to View video: Billy Mays Tribute)

  34. Tommy Workman of CA! (View Induction Booklet) November 5, 2010 during NASC Reno     (Click to View Video:  Tommy Workman Tribute)

  35. Bob Perry of Highlands, Colorado! inducted November 4, 2011 during NASC Reno  (See Bob Perry TSA HOF Induction Ceremony)    

  36. Don Cox of California! (Induction Ceremony held Nov. 1, 2013 in Reno).(See Don Cox HOF booklet, inuducted posthumously). 

  37. Kelly Cameron of Houston, Texas ( inducted in Nov 2016 during NASC) 

  38.  Mike Taylor, Texas! (inducted on November 2, 2018 during annual NASC tournament)

  39. Billy Melton (Induction Video Feb 25 2022 @Volcano's-Hurst TX) (View HOF Booklet)

  40. Karl Spickelmier, Ohio

  41. Al Salazar, Arizona (TSA HOFer Player & Promoter - January 7, 2023) 


Below are those that have been voted into and/or inducted into the TSA HOF in the PROMOTER category (8 total):  

  1. Sol Lipkin, New Jersey! (Click here to read history on Sol Lipkin - 1st TSA Inductee for "Promoter" of the game!) (Click to View Video: Sol Lipkin induction into TSA HOF (May 1996)
  2. George Wilber & Donna Wilber, MI! (Founders and prior Publisher/Editors of "The Board Talk" publication) inducted during NASC 1997 - October 31,1997 in Reno, NV.
  3. Ron & Debbie Bowers, TX! (December 28, 2000) (Click Here to View Bowers History and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony) (Click to View: Interview with Ron & Debbie Bowers)
  4. Bobby Goldsmith of California! (February 2003 during BoardTalk Open - Board Talk Induction excerpt)   (View Video:  Interview with Bobby Goldsmith)  or (View: Bobby Goldsmith's Induction Booklet)
  5. Russ "The Colonel" Miller, WA! (deceased) of Washington (posthumous induction ceremony held May 2003 at Season Ticket, Spokane, Washington)
  6. Dick Gorman of Wilmington, Delaware! Induction Ceremony, Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, Reno, Nevada, November 3, 2006
    (Click to View Dick Gorman's TSA HOF History)
    (Video: Dick Gorman)

  7. Jimmy "The Cop" Kumpula, MI/FL! (inducted 2014) Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, Reno, NV (Download Jimmy the Cop Kumpula TSA HOF Induction Booklet)  (View Video1: Jimmy the Cop Award)                                                                                                                                          (View Video2: JTC Portrait of a Hall of Fame Pomoter Interview duing SW OPEN 2014)

  8. Harvey Kidd, Texas! (inducted 2015) Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, Reno, NV)
    (Download Harvey Kidd TSA HOF Induction Booklet)

  9. Al Salazar, Arizona (TSA HOFer Player & Promoter - January 7, 2023) 

TSA Archived Meeting Minutes (Open Meeting Session only) 

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (January 2009 Minutes & April 2009 Update to Mnutes):

(Click to View January 2009 Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

(Click to View April 2009 Minutes/Election Updates - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (April 3, 2008):

(Click to View Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (August 29, 2007):

(Click to View Minutes - Adobe PDF formatted)

  • TSA Meeting Minutes (September 3, 2006/Amended 11-1-06):

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA Minutes_09-03-06_Amended_11-01-06.pdf

  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (March 26, 2004):


  • TSA Annual Meeting Minutes (February 28, 2003):

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA_Minutes_February28_2003.pdf or http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/TSA_Minutes_February28_2003.doc

  • TSA Meeting Minutes (July 4, 2003):


  • NSHF Meeting Minutes (July 1, 2000): (where it was voted to rename the organization to Table Shuffleboard Association & to update/amend the by-laws, including removal of the minimum age of 60 for HOF nominations/induction consideration).

http://www.tableshuffleboard.org/NSHF Year 2000 Annual Meeting.pdf


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